25 февраля 2016

February 24, First MSMU Uronefrology & Reproductive Health Research Institute reports of unique partial cystectomy operation – the section of urinary bladder neck was taken out with subsequent injection of the patient’s own stem cells. This technique has never been applied yet in the bladder surgery global practice.

Bladder surgery
The cases of such a kind are infrequent (about 10% of the bulk), but hazardous among prostate aftereffects due to the risks of relapse inducing the need for multiple re-interventions. 
There are diverse surgical techniques for bladder neck scar deformity correction. However, most of these don’t meet the expectations of both the patient and the doctor. 
Sechenov First MSMU scientists and clinicians proposed the methodology minimizing relapse probability. The basis of this approach is using patient's own stem cells, which are able, along with various bioactive substances secreted by them, of reducing the severity of inflammation, facilitating blood flow within the surgical site and preventing scar tissue proliferation. 
This clinical study approved by independent ethics committee is being conducted in accordance with international GCP standards and fixed by the patient’s informed consent.   
Implementation of this program involves large team of physicians and scientists headed by Prof. P. V. Glybochko, Rector of Sechenov First MSMU, correspondent member of Russian Academy of Sciences.This clinical research is a joint project of First MSMU and Biomedical Technology Center under Central Clinical Hospital of the Office of Presidential Affairs (http://www.cchp.ru/). 
All surgeries were successful. On the morning after the operation the patient's condition was satisfactory. No adverse reactions are observed at the moment. In the nearest future, as soon as the urinary catheter is removed, the patient will be still monitored within this clinical study.
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