31 августа 2017
The Russian scientists will carry out a unique surgery

Scientists of the Sechenov University will carry out the first Russian surgery to a patient with urethral stricture using a cell matrix in September, 2017. Now such operations are complex and painful, as mucous membranes removed from the patient's cheeks are used to expand urethra.The new method will avoid such traumatizing intervention. Doctors will only need a scraping technique from inside of a patient's cheek. The rest of the tissue scientists will grow in the laboratory. Institute of regenerative medicine of Sechenov University has developed a cellular matrix that dissolves in a patient's body within 90 days. The matrix developed by the method of tissue engineering will be used in urology in September for the first time. It will allow to transplant not the buccal mucosa, by the developed tissue-engineered structure.Hereafter it will be implemented by the University specialists in the other surgical areas. But first, it should prove its effectiveness at the stage of clinical trials.

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