18 апреля 2016
April 13, 2016, Moscow. At the first meeting of the Supervisory Board of Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) it was unveiled that the only representative of the medical community, Head of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Chair at Sechenov First MSMU Prof. Eugeny Achkasov, is introduced upon the recommendation of the Russian League of Nation's Health.
As is known, in November 2015, after the scandal about doping allegations against Russia, the national anti-doping laboratory was put on hold. The decision that the RUSADA has exhibited non-compliance to the WADA Code was also passed. All top management was dismissed. Currently, in accordance with WADA's recommendations to align the RUSADA with the Code regulations, in December 2015 the RUSADA Supervisory Board was established. The Board members were appointed by the RUSADA general meeting guided by the key criteria.
The Board, to be conferring on quarterly basis, comprises five more members: Executive Director of the Russian Paralympic Committee Pavel Rozhkov, double Olympic champion Elena Zamolodchikova, WADA rep and the Head of Sports Convention under the Council of Europe Sergey Hrychikov, Advisor to the President of the Russian Academy of Education, Victor Dronov, the Bartolius lawyer Julius Tai. The latter was elected the head of the Board. "Now, my mission is putting things in order all about RUSADA in line with the WADA admonitions, all defects will be corrected," promised Julius Tai.
At the meeting Eugeny Achkasov stressed the great role of the RUSADA Supervisory Board activities in rehabilitation of Russian national anti-doping bodies on the international scale, the importance of medical component in future evolvement of the anti-doping system in general, as well as the need to increase anti-doping education within athlete and coach communities, as well as among healthcare professionals.
"To represent our university as a medical officer at the RUSADA Supervisory Board is much honorable mission, which has come true thanks to high reputability of Sechenov First MSMU in terms of sports medicine and its extensive participation in international sporting events. So, FMSMU is the basic institution for training of anti-doping volunteers for Olympic Games in Sochi and many other international competitions of global scale. Staff and graduates of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Chair operate in sports teams of Russia and abroad. They are distinguished as leading experts in functional classification and medical support of Paralympic sports, working closely with the International Paralympic Committee", summarizes Professor Achkasov.
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