16 марта 2016
On March 4 and 11 at the Department of Normal Physiology hosted a regular mini-course of open lectures by Professor Walter Kofler (Innsbruck, Austria) organized upon the initiative of Dean’s Office for International Students. The appearances were addressed to applied aspects of the Extended View Theory that considers an individual as a kind of eco-bio-psycho-social being.
Being a part of physiology course, this cycle is even more multidisciplinary encompassing the basic problems of correlation of structure and function, adaptation, regeneration and human evolution. The audience together with the author of took a trip over history of medicine, theoretical physics, chemistry, surfed through philosophical ideas of the most prominent natural scientists.
Such a stuff requires from students to be much intent, concentrated, that, at the same time, enables consistent and systematic perception of such complex issues as the impact of psychosocial factors on human health, the ratio of physical and mental functions in human adaptation to the "brave new" environment, the role of virtuality technologies in health sustainability and rehabilitation.
The lectures advocated the concepts proposed by Einstein, Darwin and Sechenov as the fundamentals of comprehensive medicine doctrine and health-centered sustainable development. Along with seeming incompatibility of relativity and evolution theories, and also the reflex principles of human brain functioning, Prof. Kofler consistently emphasizes the significance of Einstein's philosophical statements, his “thinking techniques” merging natural science postulates into a single comprehensive concept of medicine and human health theory.
As always, the lectures by Professor Kofler articulated in English aroused positively great interest of Russian students too. Afterwards, the relevant presentations were sent to the e-mail addresses of all interested parties upon request.
The Austrian celebrity is going to deliver his next lecture set in June 2016 at the Chair of Normal Physiology.
Professor Oleg Glazachev, Dean for international students
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