19 апреля 2016
Since this March, the batch of seven students from Harbin Medical University has trained at Sechenov First MSMU. These Chinese doctors to be attend the 5-year key cycles at General Medicine Faculty within the English-speaking groups. In addition to basic clinical disciplines, these students are passing the crash course in Russian, while dipping into Moscow cultural life and the activities of our collegiate community. 
Recently, guided by International Office and Dean's Office for International Students staff they visited a symphony concert of Tchaikovsky, Mozart and Glinka pieces in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory. Our Chinese guests appeared to be perfect newbies in terms of European academic music, that’s why their impressions are so fresh and sincere:
...This particular event during the period of my Russian studies is unforgettable not just because I listened to symphonic music for the first time, but also due to its amazing strength and power – sometimes it’s soft, sometimes it's rough, it bears both yin and yang at the same time... I am still under the impression.
Rao Zuqin
It’s been the first time I attended a symphony concert – the essence of the most elegant and the most imposing phenomena among the Performing Arts. Gorgeous stage effect, sonorous, somehow passionate tunes left me deeply impressed.
Liu Yixiu
It’s my pilot conservatory visiting, I still feel that fairly affluent artistic atmosphere. When I perceived the Tchaikovsky fantasia "Francesca da Rimini", I daydreamed vividly a wolf pack chasing some prey... The Great Hall of the Conservatory was overcrowded with spectators, which gives me to believe that Moscow is a city of true music lovers.
Liu Chang
This wonderful concert has become a trigger making me really obsessed about symphonic music. However, I feel much prolonged aftertaste.
Yang Shanshan
This concert was positively a feast for hearing. Graceful string tunes rippled with passion colliding with each other, as if dancing in the hands of an artist, bringing my heart into the greatest spirits and enjoyment I’ve ever experienced!
Wang Chao
This concert was an occurrence irregular so, that I will never forget it. Treading into the concert hall, I felt the most welcoming atmosphere of the scenes, while the audience, splashing around in the sea of music, was obviously captivated, which all made me feel deeply stunned.
Wang Jiaqi
It’s been a cultural festival, which may be compared with a kind of spiritual initiation.
Du Wanying
After all, Moscow cultural environment is virtually inexhaustible, let’s face it. Isn’t it another grave reason to strive for even short-term training assignment at Sechenov First MSMU? 
Natalya Kazakova, Deputy Dean for Foreign Students at I. M. Sechenov First MSMU
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