18 марта 2016
The enlarged meeting of the Academic Council of Sechenov First MSMU approved the shortlist of international scientists to be featuring in the International Expert Council established to promote the advance of FMSMU for global educational and R&D leadership within Project 5-100. 
The meeting started with preview of the movie covering the history and activities of Epidemiology and Evidence-based Medicine Chair, which celebrates its 85th anniversary. The FMSMU Rector, Petr Glybochko congratulated the staff of the department in the person of its head – Prof. Nikolai Briko, and moreover he thanked the Honorary Head of the Chair, Academician, Professor Valentin Pokrovsky for faultless management of the department.
He also noted that “the reputation of First Med has been constructed for 260 years by the most famous and honored professors, and our present activities should not bring down the level, and we shall never allow anyone to do this”. 
The audience was greatly excited by the first vice-rector Prof. Andrei Svistunov draft of Regulations on the First MSMU International Expert Council presented for approval. In particular, the vice-rector unveiled the shortlist of experts sel ected for inclusion into this permanent collegial body. Responding to questions of the Academic Council members prof. Svistunov noted that the work of international experts will be paid using target Ministry of Education subsidies on the assumption of the FMSMU 5-100 ROADMAP approval.
The congregation also approved the Regulations on Promotion of Publication Diligence of the FMSMU Faculty presuming bonuses for publications in top scientific journals can be up to 500 thousand roubles (the number of entries is not limited!).
The maiden feedback to the aforesaid decisions fr om R&D departments of the university sound much promising.
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