13 июля 2016
01.JPGJune 7. During the second day of the Project 5-100 event the issues of students and entrants were covered all-round: involvement in research activities, structuring the environment for leadership and integration into scientific community, international students recruiting etc.

The audience was offered a series of round tables, masterclasses and workshops on engineering leadership and international cooperation. The PR workshop on internal collegiate communications and establishment of student media centers was the greatest hit of the day.
Besides, the agenda featured student techno brokering, start-ups, development and promotion of innovative products moderated by 02.JPGDirector of the Sechenov University Technopark Vadim Tarasov. The ways of preparing students to scientific research activities on breakthrough directions, integrating young university researchers in the international scientific community was discussed at the seminar "The center of scientific career: How to attain the aim".
Presentations delivered by the Preventive Medicine Faculty Dean Yuri Nesvizhsky highlighted implementation of educational programs for professionals, whilst the report by professor of Public Health and Healthcare Department Olga Manerova dealt with common mistakes while making a career, definitions of career types, basic activities of the First MSMU Career Development Center. The discussion was proceeded by Deputy Director for Research 03.JPGat the Institute of Medical Sociology Nadezhda Prisyazhnaya concentrating on medical and sociological assessment, based on interaction of employer and medical students while acquiring true professionalism. Then, Alexander Kotlyarov, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI) joined the debate.
Exchanging experiences on foreign students recruitment, international student mobility, establishment of international student associations were the key points at the sections moderated by Dean for Foreign Students Oleg Glazachev. The problems with adoption of the best practices dealing with localization of international students, communication with scientific and cultural centers, 04.JPGministries of education and health services in the target regions abroad and, of course, successful interactions with recruiting companies were well scrutinized. In particular, it was alarmed that there should be continuous monitoring of the information that recruitment companies translate to potential foreign applicants: most importantly, the information should be accurate and comprehensive, complying with the conditions due on actual arrival of a foreign student to the university.
Heads of research departments, development programs and project offices of the Project 5-100 universities were offered a round table on the collegiate data processing with account to the context of three key resources: people, 05.JPGorganizations and data providers (The V Theory: volume, velocity, variety, veracity, valence and value).
Two-day round table "Development of scientific journals, breakthrough into global citation indexes and expansion on the international scale" was also one of the key events within the XVI Project 5-100 Seminar-conference.
Upon completion of all masterclasses, conferences and workshops the representatives of universities and research centers made friends, while visiting the exhibition deployed all over the First MSMU Congress Center and preparing for the next day excursion routes.
The schedule for June 8 fixes visiting the biomedical cluster, University clinics, Praxi Medica clinic and educational virtual clinic Mentor Medicus. The participants of the conference will be also welcome in the International Education and Research Center of Radiation Diagnosis and R&D Department for Hybrid Radiation Medicine. Some excursion routes lead to the Federal Center Electronic Medical Education and Federal Accreditation Center patronized by Sechenov First MSMU. The Medicine History Museum is also promising tomorrow much interesting and informative programs for all whom it may concern.

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