12 мая 2016
On May 3-6, Moscow hosted VI All-Russian Congress of the Association of Foreign Students (AIS) Russia. The event absorbed 750 delegates from 126 countries, representatives of regional AIS from 118 Russian universities and 40 consulates.
Sechenov First MSMU, participating in Project 5-100 along with 21 other Russian universities, was represented by Deputy Dean Ivan Kalashnikov and FMSMU international students Anna Vasilyeva, Joshua Kobina Mbro, Gerald Chidubem Obi and Alexander Stamov.
The point of the plenary session of the conference was to discuss the problems concerning studying and localization of international students in Russia. In particular, the Head of Department for Humanitarian Cooperation under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Anatoly Viktorov, benchmarked the share of foreign students up to 5% of the total to be fair indicator of competitiveness of Russian education worldwide. While reporting, the Director of International Department of the Ministry of Education and Science Nikolai Tojvonen highlighted that "the international students would rather go to the best universities partaking in the 5-100".
The second day of the Congress was entirely dedicated to the students. From break of day till the dead of night there were various quizzes, gigs and sporting events. The guys learned, communicated, tasted dozens of national cucine pieces, competed in basketball and football, tried the StudzachЁt tasks.
The FMSMU international students were among the most physically fit guys and took the honorary prizes: Gerald Chidubem Obi passed the compliance in terms of StudzachЁt and was awarded a Prime Rank Gold Badge; Joshua Kobina Mbro won the second place in basketball competition and was also awarded a commemorative medal. The Congress ended with unforgettably festive grand finale concert.
The Ambassador of the Republic of Benin Gabriel Anicet Kochofa, AIS President declared with peerless dignity: "Such conventions are sure to make higher education in Russia much more desirable to foreigners".
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