28 ноября 2013

On November 21 and 22, 2013 at the request of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation on the basis of I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, headed by rector, Prof. PV Glybochko, corresponding member of RAMS, First All-Russian Olympiad of Normal Physiology in memory of academician, Professor K.V. Sudakov took place at the University.

1st International Olympiad team of First MSMU – team “Omega” was formed at the initiation of Prof. Oleg S. Glazachev, the Dean for International Students and consists of 5 students from 3rd year Medical Faculty: Ooi Kar Key, Ragurajan Ramachandran, Yap Mee Yen, Teoh Wan Ching and Chinwendu Okerengwo.

On the first day of competition, opening the Olympiad by Vice-rector Prof. AA Svistunov, a tribute and moment of silence were dedicated to Professor K.V. Sudakov (06.07.1932 – 11.08.2013), who had headed the Department of Normal Physiology of the medical faculty for almost forty years. Following that, was the lecture <Molecular Physiology and Pathology> delivered by academician, MA Ostrovsky, President of the Russian Physiological Society named after academician IP Pavlov. This lecture demonstrated not only the innovation in physiology studies of the vision, but also the real opportunities for practical application of the results of these studies in ophthalmology.

The following session was dedicated to 150th anniversary of the publication of I.M. Sechenov <Reflexes of the Brain> before the prestigious lecture <Optogenetics Cognitive Neural Network: as you can see and touch the functional systems in the brain?> given by Prof. KV Anokhin, corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences and Academy of Medical Sciences. Before ending of day one, all participants were invited to a unique museum of I.M. Sechenov.

The second day was the Olympiad competitions between teams in different contests such as Physiological Brain-Ring, Physiological Test, Physiological Quest, Physiological Practical-skills and Physiological Presentation. Team “Omega” performed amazingly and was praised by judges and professors.

First All-Russian Olympiad of Normal Physiology was a success and at the end of the day, team “Omega” has won 6th place after competing with more than twenty teams besides of winning the «Physiology-Questology-2013» - best team in Physiological Quest!


Ooi Kar Key (Malaysia), 3rd year, Medical Faculty

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