8 ноября 2016
Students from Harbin Medical University (China) conclude a successful program at  Sechenov University (Moscow, Russia)

Their professional training program included lectures in medical sciences, furthermore, classes of English in the Business Setting delivered by Istvan Lenart, newly appointed Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages. Associate Professor Lenart who had worked in Viet-Nam for 6 years transferred first-hand skills of doing business in a cross-cultural setting using the English language. In line with the targets of Project 5-100, the Sechenov University invites international professors to teach different subjects to the Russian students. This time a Hungarian citizen taught the Chinese students how to use English in the business setting to communicate with partners from different parts of the world. The University in fact becomes international, in terms of both the staff and the language of communication. The participants enjoyed their sojourn in Russia from 7 th to 31 st October and they plan to return for another one-month study-trip in July 2018, right before graduation. Russian people and culture made an unforgettable impression on the students as can be read out from their testimonials.

1. Qũ, student

“Before the program, I intended to learn more about the virtues of Russian students and study at Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, as I knew it has long-standing medical culture. I gained a lot of knowledge and experience and benefited a lot from the program! I also liked the magnificent buildings of Moscow by night, Russian food and the friends who accompanied and helped us in Moscow”

2. Yũ, student

“I enrolled in this dual program in May 2015 in China, and worked hard to get the chance to come to Moscow after a strict selection process in our school. I loved the city and I really cherish this opportunity to study here! I definitely will come back in 2018!”

3. ShuHán, student

“We arrived back to Harbin, where it is colder than in Moscow. When we returned to China, we still needed to adapt to the temperature here. I already miss Moscow, and I miss the life there! I think Moscow is very suitable for living, and the scenery is very beautiful. I like Kremlin, Red Square, Museum of Science and Technology, Moscow river, and so on. The university is great, the professors are knowledgeable, and the students are friendly and kindly to us. I got a lot of knowledge and made a lot of friends in Moscow. In a word, I liked everything in Moscow! I hope to be able to come back again next year!”

Автор: Istvan Lenart, Associate Professor, Dept. of Foreign Languages

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