22 июля 2016
1.jpgJune 27-29, 2016. The University of Coventry (UK) hosted the international conference on sports for the disabled. The event spotlighted a wide range of problems related to social, medical and psychological aspects of adaptive sports.
The conference was attended by the representatives from more than 10 countries, including the UK, the Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, Canada and others. Sechenov FMSMU, on behalf of Russia, was represented by with two reports delivered by the lecturer of the Department of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (headed by Professor Eugene Achkasov), Candidate of Medical Sciences Yevgeny Mashkovsky.
These featured the results of research on powerlifting for disabled in terms of musculoskeletal system and judo for the visually impaired carried out by the Sechenovsky University staff in 2014-2016.
Dr. Ian Brittain, the Chairman, praised the performance and noted crucial importance of these particular data for enhancing the guidelines regulating these Paralympic sports, and also proposed some joint publications. The conference set out a plan of joint research activities in the field of sports medicine of the FMSMU staff and the scientists from Japan and Brazil.
According to Eugene Mashkovsky, this year’s Master in Linguistics (the programme by Irina Markovina), the training performance at First MSMU, especially in the field of English language and professional communication, enables the feeling like a full-fledged member of international scientific community capable of discussing on a par with leading experts from all over the world.
…And that’s au merit.

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