22 августа 2017
Cooperation in science with South Korea Governance of the Sechenov University held a number of meetings with representatives of the leading South Korean universities and research centers (including the company BioInfra which was founded by the Research Institute of Seoul National University) in South Korea on 26-27 June, 2017.
The company BioInfra has a technology for detecting cancer biomarkers, which are engaged in the development of gene therapy of cancer and systematic metastasis  monitoring technology.
Due to the fact that problem of early diagnostics of cancer is very important for Russia, it was agreed to transfer technology of smart-survey “i-finder” (identification of cancer risk using a blood test to identify biomarkers responsible for the formation of cancer cells).
The technology allows detecting several different biomarkers and significantly reduces the cost of screening.
Under the framework of the Academic Excellence Project 5-100, Sechenov University builds close partnerships with the key players in the global education and research space. Collaboration with the leaders enables the University to introduce best world practices to the national healthcare system.

Seoul National University was founded in 1971 as a research university for elite training of scientific & technological and engineering staff.
It was ranked 89th in the Times Higher Education Ranking-2017. Moreover, the University got the 8th place among the best universities in the Asian region, and 30th in the subject area "Engineering and Technology".
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