30 октября 2017
Sechenov University marked its Centers of Excellence

The meeting of the Council on Competitiveness Improvement of Top Russian Universities as the leading research and educational centers, was held in Yekaterinburg (Russian Federation) on October 28, 2017. 
The universities presented the Program “Road Maps” in accordance with the selected target models of development. Before the presentation of the “Road Maps” Top-Universities received a ranking of effectiveness in a number of indicators, which became the basis for the University’s ranking. The indicators include participation in the rankings, publication activity, degree of internalization, level of applicants and other quantitative data.
The assessment of quality indicators was conducted by members of the Council according to the results of the defense of the Program Road Map. They evaluated achievability of goals of the University, understanding of its development strategy, readiness to implement the plans. 
According to the meeting results, Sechenov University entered the second group among other top-Universities.
Sechenov University was presented by rector of the University Petr V. Glybochko, first vice-rector Andrey A.Svistunov, head of the Research Institute for Regenerative Medicine Denis V. Butnaru, head of the Research Institute for Pharmacy and Translational Medicine Vadim V. Tarasov, head of the Research Institute for Personalized Medicine Phillip U. Kopylov.  
Prof. Glybochko told that during the next 3 years Sechenov University will build its strategy on the development of Centers of Excellence , which are represented by Personalized Medicine, Gene Therapy, Microfluidics and Biomateriomics. The main goal is to become the international authority No.1 in the field of Life Sciences. The main focus of the Program “Road Map” relates to improvement of the quality of medical training. Development of the new directions involves training of specialists in tissue engineering, genome editing, molecular nutritionists. Sechenov University is working on construction of Biomedical Science and Technology Park, which will be created by 2020. The Park will include Research Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Research Institute for Pharmacy and Translational Medicine, Research Institute for Molecular and Personalized Medicine, and Clinical Center. Biomedical Science and Technology Park will prepare high-skilled specialists of the new generation and create necessary conditions for the full- cycle of development and translation of innovative biomedical products. 

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