13 марта 2017
Sechenov University joined the RankPro® 2016/2017 Sechenov University entered the Top-600 Worldwide Professional University Rankings RankPro® 2016/2017 which included 44 Russian Universities.
Sechenov University joined the Rankings with 13th position in the national ranking and 571th position in the worldwide ranking correspondingly.
The ranking is published annually by the International Council of Scientists in the framework of the Global World Communicator (GWC).
Worldwide Professional University Rankings is made up of three indicators of the university rankings.
1. Academic ranking - academic possibilities of University, number of students and teaching staff of the University.
2. Ranking by BC Index – the availability of information on the English version of the official University website homepage.
3. Reputational ranking – taking into account the ranking of universities in the world and national rankings, as well as the results of the expert survey of the International Council of Scientists
The crucial factors in the ranking were distributed to each indicator as follows: Academic ranking – 50% of the total weight, ranking by BC Index and the reputational ranking- 25% accordingly.
The inclusion in the RankPro Rankings is regarded as a great achievement for Sechenov University. As the only medical institution which is included in the Project 5-100, Sechenov University actively builds up a system of international partnership and collaboration with the leading scientific and educational centers of the world.
To see the full list of the ranked universities, please link to the website of the International Council of Scientists
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