6 июня 2016
Today, on the 6th of June, the Project 5-100 Conference brought together the representatives of all participating universities, tutors, young scientists, students to share the best practices, which ensure winning the highest positions in the international scientific and educational rankings.
First MSMU is the only medical university honored in late 2015 with joining Project 5-100. Given the fact that FMSMU is one of the oldest educational institutions in Russia, the Conference offered the opportunity of strolling along the milestones of its history by visiting the Museum of Medicine History, Fronstein Urology Clinic featuring the cutting-edge Da Vinci robotic surgeon and, of course, to look over the horizon in the Research Institute of Molecular Medicine.
The conference’s agenda includes such important points as: development of biomedical activities; modern e-learning technologies; the LMS and MOOC; recruitment of foreign students, teachers and researchers; collegiate language policies; international publication diligence and citation issues; output of Russian scientific journals on the global scale; promoting the career opportunities for the just graduates.
Tour group followed the route “Innovative methods of treatment – Fronstein Urology Clinic/Da Vinci robot” to learn many interesting details on the subject-specific clinical activities. The participants were welcomed by the Head of the Department of High-Tech Surgery Eugene Sirota, who delivered the case studies on innovative treatment techniques enabling surgical procedures associated with minimal blood loss and maximum efficiency, while a live broadcast of the robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy operation was on air. No less interesting and useful for the participants of the Conference were the sightseeing tours in the Museum of Medicine History and the Institute of Molecular Medicine.
The opening ceremony was attended by the First Deputy Minister of Healthcare Igor Ghahramanyan, Deputy Minister of Education and Science Alexander Povalko, Director of the Strategy And Analysis and Prognostication Department of the RF Ministry of Education Grigory Andrushchak and Director of the 5-100 Project Office Mikhail Antonov.
The congregation was welcomed by the Rector Petr Glybochko, who presented the best practices of the University. He noted that "one of the key tasks of First MSMU within Project 5-100 is formation of effective partnerships with the industrial leaders, including the most advanced international establishments, in diverse subject areas. Today the experts are expected to highlight the most innovative trends in contemporary higher education, in particular, development of international educational and research programs, multinational research team-building, recruitment of foreign specialists and students".
Igor Ghahramanyan at the Plenary Session emphasized that "First MSMU, being the only medical school admitted to Project 5-100, assumed responsibility for training a new generation of medical personnel, incorporating the state-of-the-art standards meeting the challenges of multidisciplinarity in medicine and novel scientific approaches".
The First Vice-Rector for Innovations and International Activities Andrei Svistunov delivered his presentation "Sechenov First MSMU Electronic Management Systems", overviewing the current high-tech solutions employed by the University, facilitating thus the activities of both students and academic faculty.
The Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Tatiana Litvinova outlined the importance of bilingual approach in higher education; because handsome language skills, in particular, obviously increase the professional competitiveness of future physicians.
In the course of the second part of the Plenary Session the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Alexander Povalko addressed the audience, and then Grigory Andrushchak and Mikhail Antonov answered the questions of the participants, now and then rather unexpected.
The event will last until June 8, inclusive, to be attended by more than 600 representatives of leading Russian and foreign universities.

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