10 марта 2016
March 03, 2016. The Scientific Council of Sechenov First MSMU gathered to approve the priorities of the University’s scientific community publication diligence in line with Project 5-100 policies.
The meeting chaired by First MSMU vice-rector for scientific work Sergei Shevchenko started with election of Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Council. The congregation appeared to be unanimous about Evgeny Morozov, Director of Research Institute of Medical Parasitology and Tropical Medicine.
Next thing, the members of the Scientific Council were informed on the current publication diligence of the University researchers by Svetlana Martynchik, Head of information and analytical support at Research Institute of Public Health and Health Management. Every Scientific Council member received the detailed publication standards required by international scientific journals registered with Scopus and Web of Science international databases.
Summing up the report the Council members outlined the growth points of future publication diligence and defined recommendations dealing with works prepared by First MSMU staff to be published in international scientific journals.
Alexander Lukashev, PI at Institute of Medical Parasitology and Tropical Medicine, addressed to the audience with some practical tips on how to cooperate with the editorial boards of international expert publications successfully to achieve the goal of getting published in hi-rank scientific journals.
In his closing speech the First MSMU vice-rector Sergei Shevchenko wished all colleagues not to hesitate while setting really challenging goals and trying the bars to be cleared.
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