19 января 2016
Гашимова Нилуфар, Азербайджан.png

Nilufar Hashimova, Azerbaijan

Since childhood I wanted to become a doctor. The only and the best solution for me was to learnthe profession at the I.M. Sechenov First MSMU, because there is a good attitude to foreign students from both teachers, doctors and patients. Here, I'll get the maximum amount of not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills that are very important for the medical profession and give a lot of opportunities in the future.

I live for quite a long time in Russia, and it has become a second home for me. After graduation, I plan to enter the residency.

Ян Яньбинь, Китай.png

 Yang Yanbin, China

When my uncle learnt that I want to become a doctor, he advised me to enter the I.M. Sechenov First MSMU. I believe that it is the best university in Russia, so I study there.

The training system is very convenient. We are helped to overcome the language barrier. At each class of the clinical departments we study theoretical courses and then go to patients to practice and reinforce the material learnt. Together with teachers discuss interesting medical cases, and present at the operations.

After graduation I plan to finish the residency and then come back to work in China.

Безуиденхут Линн-Кази, Намибия.png

Linn-Kazee Arantxa Bezuidenhout, Namibia

In our country there is a special program by which we are sent to study at Moscow and are paid the tuition fee. After graduation I will come back to Namibia to work as a pediatrician.

I am learning in English. At the I.M. Sechenov First MSMU there is a very good system of education, because it allows us to be the best. Here we have the high level of teaching. Our teachers give information in an easy to understand form, the make us think.

I really like Russia and the Russian people. I have no problems in communicating with people. In the process of learning I also master the Russian language. In the future, I plan to acquire good command of it.

Умар Бин Мат Яакоб, Малайзия.png

 Umar bin Mat Yaacob, Malaysia

After finishing high school in Malaysia, I received a government scholarship, and I was sent to Russia to study medicine. Thus, my parents do not have to pay tuition fees. My sister graduated from medical university in Malaysia and already works as a doctor.

I want to become a heart surgeon, because it is a very interesting profession. At the I.M. Sechenov First MSMUwe have all the conditions for the successful study of my chosen profession, and to further the practical application of the knowledge gained.

After graduation and residency, I plan to come back home.

Журиех Мохаммад Аднан, Сирия.png

Mohammad Adnan Jourieh, Syria

In Syria the medical profession is very popular. My father is a practicing doctor having his clinic. He graduated from the Medical Institute in Russia and knows very well the Russian language.

Most young people of our country normally go to study in Germany and Russia. I decided to enroll at the I.M. Sechenov First MSMU. There are a huge number of special programs, simulators, allowing to acquire the necessary professional skills and theoretical knowledge that later will be handy at practice in the clinic, when I get back home. 

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