11 мая 2016
First MSMU team took part in the Congress of the American Urological Association (AUA2016_Meeting).
The event gathering together both researchers and practicing clinicians is the most longed for yearly urological congregation worldwide. The global urological society discussed the latest points targeting the vector for the next year.
The Research Institute of Uronefrology delegation reinforced with Department of Urology senior experts took part in the Congress (AUA2016_Meeting), which is recognized as the most significant global urological event. This year the Sechenov First MSMU urologists performed six full-fledged presentations.
Associate prof. Denis Butnaru reported on "Endolithotripsy in Gaseous Medium" on May 7. The technique proposed by Professor Leonid Rapoport and Professor Dmitry Tsarichenko under supervision of corresponding Member of RAS, Professor Peter Glybochko is much innovative and very promising at bladder calculi and upper urinary tract disorders. The report aroused great interest inducing somehow dramatic response from international urological community.
The task meetings featuring the First MSMU delegation and leading scientists and urologists of the world, Professor Anthony Atala, James Yu, Alexander Kutikov, S. M. Polikanov, Gennady Yaroslavsky, Vitaly Margulis, appeared to be fruitful to the utmost.
The Sechenov First MSMU delegation was imposing the most among all Russian urological schools represented at the Congress. 
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