17 мая 2016
May 13-15. Russian Ministry of Health together with Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University actuated ALL-RUSSIAN FORUM OF MEDICAL VOLUNTEERS (ARFMV). These days, 150 medical volunteers from 46 regions of this country presented their achievements. They got much gratitude and support of the healthcare authorities. The delegates coordinated plans, shared experience dealing with implementation of social projects, held meetings, workshops and cultural events. According to the approved Roadmap of further medical volunteering development they are going back to the regions inspired to make their plans come true.
All-Russian Forum of Medical Volunteers welcomed the Deputy Health Minister Igor Ghahramanyan, who wished the work to be fruitful and noted the increasing role of volunteering organizations all over the world. He emphasized the main objective of the Forum – the union of volunteering community assisting healthcare organizations, supporting thus implementation of the public health policies. Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs Sergey Pospelov called participation in the volunteer movement a step to success for young people.
The Chairman of the Rectors Council of Medical and Pharmaceutical Universities of Russia, the First MSMU Rector Petr Glybochko, encouraged the Forum participants and thanked them for civic diligence. "We are pleased to meet you today in the University to share experiences and best practices. The medical volunteers are the ones who are coming to the medical institutions, hospitals and clinics tomorrow. Remember, that public health depends not only on professional skills and knowledge, but humane empathy too. We are able of treating well, but the charity – being compassionate and friendly towards patients – is rather poor at times. It is necessary to develop this property. And volunteering is the greatest support". Petr Glybochko awarded the best volunteers with the letters of acknowledgment by the Rectors Council.
Then, the Forum participants took part in the all-Russian initiative – student flash mob “Let’s Overcome HIV/AIDS Together”. The action was timed to May 15 – World Remembrance Day of AIDS Victims. Continuing the theme of the humane treatment of victims of this yet fatal malady the meeting proceeded with legendary physician appearance, academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology under the Ministry of Healthcare, Professor at the First MSMU Epidemiology Department Valentin Pokrovsky.
Valentin Pokrovsky overviewed the first cases of HIV detection, diagnosis of AIDS and therapy strategies. Answering the students' questions, he stressed the need to love life being a doctor, to be courageous and responsible in medical practices: often the courage and confidence of the doctor contribute to the recovery not less than the medicine itself, but everything should be verified and reinforced with knowledge, that’s why true physicians should practice lifelong studying. The session with Valentin Pokrovsky was moderated by Vice-Rector for Public Relations and Educational Work Ivan Chizh and Head of Strategic Communications Natalia Rusanova. The first day of the Forum ended with the master class "Project development and implementation techniques" by Julia Silenko, board member of the Association of Volunteer Centers (AVC).
The second day of the National Forum started with presentation of the activities of the Association of Volunteer Centers followed with the best regional volunteer projects piloted by the public movement Medical Volunteers. Artem Metelev, AVTS co-chairman and Christine Vaulina, Director of First MSMU Volunteer Centre, member of the Board of AVTS were the moderators of the day.
The participants of the Forum enjoyed the workshop on project fund-raising followed with the lecture "Healthy lifestyle national projects" and round table discussions on national healthcare and social volunteering.
The Roadmap development required intensive work in groups (moderators Artem Metelev and Christina Vaulina). Workshop on recruitment, training, motivation and coordination of volunteers was performed by Pavel Savchuk, Deputy Head of the public association Medical Volunteer. Much topical discussion on components of successful implementation of medical volunteer projects in Russia was held under the guidance of Elena Stefanyuk (Director of the National Health Development Fund).
The key outcome of the first National Forum of Medical Volunteers is the Roadmap for 2016-2017. Now, the volunteers are wide aware of the targets (which path we follow), the objectives (what to do and why), the resources (what helps implementation), the executors (who perform the activities), the result (what to be achieved) and the timing (schedule flowchart), the activities (what to do) and the conditions (prerequisites and procedures).
The main objective of the Forum uttered by the first Deputy Health Minister Igor Ghahramanyan: “Association of the volunteer communities assisting healthcare organizations has come true – medical volunteers throughout Russia have made friends within the walls of Sechenov First MSMU”.
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