10 Августа 2018
Research & Opinion at Sechenov University: laser device for taking blood samples

Russian researchers have developed a non-contact method of taking blood samples. Laser device will provide absolute sterility, minimal pain for a patient, rapid wound healing and high cost-effectiveness compared to automatic lancets with a retractable needle.

The process is absolutely sterile and practically painless. A wound turns out not to be discontinuous,but smooth and free from dermonecrosis. Wound healing is much faster than usual. In the future, such a laser may replace outdated vaccination needles (scarificators). The main goal is to reduce cost of such devices.

"If the researchers manage to make price of one puncture made by a laser device significantly lower, then medical institutions would be ready to purchase such devices"- says Dr. Philip Kopylov, the Director of the Institute for Personalized Medicine of Sechenov University.