16 декабря 2016
Regenerative Medicine will drive the University

Regenerative Medicine will drive the University: An Industrial Biomedical Park will be created at the First MSMU by 2020

The First MSMU Rector, Prof. P. Glybochko: About a creation of the Industrial Biomedical Park, which has no analogues in Russia

-What will the Industrial Biomedical Park look like?
-It will consist of the several structures (or as we call "centers"). It should provide the complete cycle from design& development  of a new biomedical product (a gene/ cell / drug product or technology) to testing and validation of all methods and technologies. Moreover, it should initiate a market entry in collaboration with the industrial partners who are interested in us and in a product promotion. In fact, this structure should provide not only research, but also launch the new biomedical products.

- Has anything been done already?
- Yes. Some structures already exist. For example, the Centre for Fundamental studies includes the Institute for Molecular Medicine and the Institute for Regenerative Medicine.
The project is supported by the federal funding under the Project 5-100.
The one more component of our future Industrial Biomedical Park is the Institute for Pharmacy and Translational Medicine.
The project will be sponsored by the Federal Program "Pharma-2020" with the support of the Ministry of Healthcare and the Ministry of Industry and Trade. We take part both in this Program and the Project 5-100.
The project of The Center for Biomedical Engineering is in progress now. We will start it in 2017 together with The Moscow International Medical Cluster “Skolkovo”.
Our Teaching hospital is the place for training. It is the largest Teaching Hospital in Russia and in Eastern Europe with more than 4.000  beds.

-How will you attract a research staff for this project?
- A new educational program for training clinician scientists was opened at the First MSMU this year. It’s an entirely new approach in medical education in Russia.

- What kind of research will be done?
- First of all, we plan to develop the Institute for Regenerative medicine. We were successful in the creation of tissue- engineered urethra and its transplantation to a patient.  
Two projects on regenerative medicine in cooperation with the foreign partners (The Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, a leading Institution for Regenerative Medicine in North America)   were launched. Together we are working on creation a tissue-engineering in the bile duct. The Swiss Institute for Regenerative Medicine is our partner in creation a tissue-engineering in the trachea.Of course, it should be supported with research in Molecular Medicine. All of our laboratories and centers work in close cooperation.

-How is research funded?
-We ensure the harmonized dialogue between private sector and research at the Industrial Park.
On the one hand, we understand all needs & capacities of the parties. We can provide a translational research, which can be effectively implemented in practice.
On the other hand, we’ve set up the First MSMU Science Park which involves a Technology Transfer Office. Now we have to open some small innovative enterprises that will help to facilitate a sustainable development in the future.
Such models have been already developed at a number of the universities in USA, Europe and Singapore.

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