27 марта 2018
Regenerative Medicine and Telemedicine are in focus of attention

Experts of Sechenov University (Prof. Andrey A. Svistunov, First Vice-Rector, and Ass.Prof. German Klimenko, Department of information and internet technologies) took part in the open-lesson dedicated to modern technologies in treatment.

Prof. Svistunov gave a talk on Regenerative Medicine, which is aimed at solving problems of repairing damaged tissues, human organs and its parts. He also paid attention to the role of Cellular Therapy & Tissue Engineering, introduced achievements of Sechenov University in the above mentioned research fields. Our specialists have already conducted surgery to replace part of ureter and trachea. This year we're planning to transplant artificial heart valve tissue in cooperation with our foreign colleagues.

Along with it, it's necessary to note that Sechenov University has introduced new specialties which are linked to Bioengineering & Bioinformatics, Intelligent Systems.

Ass. Prof. German Klimenko spoke about the development of Telemedicine. He mentioned that the technologies are developed rapidly; and the amount of information increases every day. It means that without data processing a physician wouldn’t be able to cope with the amount of incoming information.

He also noted the importance of interdisciplinary approach in medicine. Today a well-educated physician should know the basics of software engineering to take advantage of modern equipment.

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