3 октября 2017


We interviewed Prof. Rudolf Valenta, head of the Division of Immunopathology, Dept. of Pathophysiology and Allergy Research, Medical University of Vienna, Austria.
The discussion was focused on the awareness of Russian medicine in the Western countries.

- What’re planning to do in Russia? 

- First of all, I’d like to inspire young Russian scientists and postgraduate students for research work. When you treat patients who suffer from allergy, it’s necessary to identify allergen which causes high sensitivity as soon as possible. If you use an old diagnostic technique, it’ll take a lot of time to identify the allergen. My colleagues and I managed to complete the diagnostic technique. Use of specific chips with recombinant allergens helps to speed up allergen search. The method allows collecting allergy structure database in the different world regions. I hope that the new technique will facilitate doctor’s work and improve patients’ life quality in Russia.

- Is it an expensive method? Is it available today?
- Today it’s still a bit expensive, probably because allergology is commercialized. Nevertheless, I hope that the price will be undercut in the nearest future.

- When did you hear the name of Sechenov University for the first time?
 -About 2 years ago.

- Is it true that Western specialists aren’t fully aware of the Russian medicine?
- I’d say that the Western specialists know just a little about the Russian medicine. A lot of important biomedical achievements aren’t introduced well in the West. The Russian medical universities need to increase the academic visibility.

- Is it because of the fact that the Russian scientists still prefer to publish research works in Russian language?

- Unfortunately, neither German nor Russian is an international language of science. Austria isn’t a large country, so there’re not enough allergists here. So I need to communicate and share experience with the foreign colleagues in English. Russian specialists need to introduce the research results for publication in the international scientific journals. One of the world’s largest medical universities should be notable on the international scientific platform.

- Did you come to help the Sechenov University with academic visibility? 

-Besides searching for postgraduate students in collaboration with my colleague Prof. Karaulov (head of Allergy and Immunology Department) are planning to establish a new Laboratory at the University. I hope that the Laboratory will start working during the next year. I really hope that our project will increase academic visibility of the Russian allergology in the Western countries.

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