9 декабря 2016
Russian Science is opening to the international community The Head of the First MSMU Institute of Molecular Medicine , Prof.A.Zamyatnin gave an interview on the working principles of the Strategic Academic Units.

-Prof. Zamyatnin, what is the meaning of a “Strategic Academic Unit”("StrAU") ?
-Firstly, StrAU has been developed in order to translate the advanced research knowledge into the educational process. Now the First MSMU is working on two Strategic Academic Units. StrAU 1 focuses on strengthening the training programs for healthcare professionals by integrating clinical training and research work.
The Research Institute of Regenerative Medicine, the Research Institute of Molecular Medicine and the Research Institute of Pharmacy and Translational Medicine were established under StrAU 2.

-How these tasks are implemented at our University?
-In order to attract the high-quality foreign scientists, we establish the new laboratories at the Research Institutes and held the international competitions.
Today the major task for us is to remove the barriers between the international research communities.
The Institute of Molecular Medicine is also proud for its world-class research.
We can offer a comprehensive molecular genetic analysis testing, which is used to diagnose cancer on the principles of personalized and preventive medicine.
Moreover, we are engaged in development of the unique antineoplastic agents and vaccines.
Some scientists at the Research Institute of Molecular Medicine work on development of the new pain relievers.
Unfortunately, there’re some directions in the medicine science, which aren’t introduced in Russia at all.
So, in order to carry out serious investigations we should attract not only Russian, but also a lot of foreign scientists.

-Are there any examples of the global collaborative projects in science at our University?
-Of course! For example, an open workshop on molecular medicine, as a part of the international conference “Toolkits for DNA vaccine design, an update” , took place at the Institute of Molecular Medicine of the First MSMU on 17-21 November, 2016. The top-level foreign scientists have participated in this workshop.
I sincerely hope that the doors of the Russian Science will be opened in a short term. In other words, we will join a big world of Medicine Science; enhance a strong cooperation between the Russian and foreign scientists. It should make the First MSMU to become a world-standard centre for the Medical and Pharmacological Research.
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