19 июля 2016

Научный доклад Николенко ВН.JPGSechenovsky University cooperates with lots of leading scientific and educational centers worldwide. Major international events admire the achievements of Russian science and medicine. Being in Harbin, Prof. Vladimir Nikolenko of First MSMU delivered the report, which aroused great interest among expert neurosurgeons.

Neuroscience issues are the frontline of the new technological world order. One for the goals of scientific research is prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of cancer and vascular diseases of cerebrum and spinal cord. It is known that vascular diseases of the nervous system are fatal for 30%, constituting 14% of all deaths. Mortality from cerebrovascular diseases are ranked 3rd, and in some countries 2nd place in the structure of total mortality.

Neurosurgical care is the key to this problem. This is much rapidly developing branch of medicine concentrating all achievements of fundamental and clinical sciences, IT-innovation, physics, chemistry and engineering.

This was the subject of two international conferences at Harbin Medical University (China) on July 8-9: 1st Meeting of Neurosurgical Academic Committee of the Sino-Russian Association of Medical Universities and the 7th International Conference on Trauma. The conference was attended by scientists from Russia, China, America, Germany, Canada and the Netherlands.

The Russian delegation was headed by the Vice-President of the Conference, Professor of Sechenov First MSMU, neuromorphologist Vladimir Nikolenko. His presentation was focused on systematic analysis of 2131 cases of internal carotid artery anatomy, arterial circle of the cerebrum and brain arteries in adults of different age, sex, body-build, with different brain weight and shape of the skull.

The report aroused great interest, and Mr. Nikolenko was offered to publish it in one of international scientific journals.

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