18 апреля 2014

This was the spirit carried and echoed by every Sechenovian who participated in the Pirogov Malaysian Intervarsity Games held on the 11th to the 13th of April 2014 at Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU), Moscow.

After a gruelling and most exhilarating 3 day event, with a contingent of 109 led by Azree Bin Azlan and a team participation in 14 sports, MSMU the Red Legions bested their rivals with a total of 5 Gold for Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball (M), Hockey (F), and Handball (F), 2 Silvers for Frisbee(M) and Basketball(F), and 5 Bronzes for Futsal(M), Handball (M), Frisbee (F), Volleyball(M) and Volleyball(F). The Red Legions lost only to the home team with a record of 6 Gold.

A special Cheer Squad was formed exclusively for the PMIG, under the talented leadership of Azarul Azwan bin Mazri, and the ever-inspiring Arasjoht Singh and his powerful Dhol. Together, they rallied the spirits of everyone in attendance with their cheers of ‘’Demi M1’’.

However, truth be told, MSMU emerged victorious that day. We were victorious in proving ourselves well rounded students cum athletes. Even if we were runner up in the Games, we were Champions in heart and in sportsmanship. We were bested by none. We were second to no one.

Though the final tally came to 5 Gold for the Red Legions, in truth there were more. Awarded solely for the incredible fighting spirit of the cheer squad, and the incorruptible and incomparable sportsmanship of our athletes. Where else would you be able to hear cheers of ‘KSM1! KSM1!’ a concoction of KSMU and M1, echoing throughout the stadium, or multitudes of applause no matter which team won or lost?

A special thanks to all the athletes and the supporters for all that has been done. We hope to see you again next year in Kursk, Russia. Good luck and may the odds ever be in your favour. DEMI M1!

By Ng Valynne

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