4 июня 2015
фото 01.jpgOn May 31, 2015 at the sports complex of Moscow State University of Information Technologies, Radio Engineering and Electronics Malaysian students of the First MSMU held competitions between courses in the following sports: football, volleyball, frisbee, takraw and dodgeball.
The competition was attended by about 350 students. Higher sports results showed senior students. Total 1st place was taken by students of the 6th year, "silver" gone to the 5th year, and "bronze" – to the 4th.
Competitions were accompanied by theatrical performances, and therefore lasted for about 11 hours. Some of the Malaysian girls were with crowns of wildflowers on their heads that was particularly pleasant to see as in Russia on this day was celebration of one of the most important Orthodox holidays - Holy Trinity, when Russian women traditionally weave floral crowns.
Organizers of the festival generously awarded the winners with prizes, medals and other distinctions and gifts.
Students expressed the wish to hold a football match between the Malaysian football team and students of our university. It seems that such event can be very interesting and exciting.
Competition 2015Competition 2015
Competition 2015
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