18 апреля 2014
Lectures by foreign experts on a regular basis

Improving the quality of the educational process at the University is inextricably linked with the development of academic mobility, the internationalization of education, engaging high-class foreign professionals in educational process.

At present two foreign specialists: Prof. Walter Kofler (Innsbruck, Austria) and Professor Julietta U. Frey (Germany-United States) are lecturers of the Department of normal physiology. This became possible thanks to common efforts by the Department and the Dean’s Office for international students.

Lectures of Prof. Kofler on the applied aspects of the Extended View Theory regarding a person as an eco-bio-psycho-social nature enjoy constant interest by students. The author of the theory developed a brief course of 4 lectures, which he reads to 1-2 courses students of bilingual medium of education within the discipline of normal physiology.

On the 14-15th of April the latest in series lectures were given to the First MCMU students. These lectures are issue-oriented, require close attention and concentration by listeners, but permit consistently, systematically to address complex issues as the impact of psychosocial factors on the physiological functions and human health.

Though lectures were given in English and addressed to students of bilingual medium, they attracted large number of Russian students, many of whom were senior students who attended first lectures by Austrian professor a year ago. According to the Professor, some of the students are continuing corresponding with him, receiving his presentations, answers to their questions.

Following the main trends of the development of new educational technologies, Prof. Kofler develops remote online education course, which by the end of the year will be placed on the education portal of the University.

The next lecture of Prof. Kofler will be held at the Department of normal physiology on May 13, 20114 at 6 pm.

By Professor Dr. Oleg Glazachev, Dean for international students

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