29 апреля 2014
Introductory Lecture on Internal Medicine

On April 24th, 2014 at the initiative of Dean’s office for International Students and International Students Scientific Association (ISSA), held the lecture “Internal Medicine, case-based Learning and sources of Medical Information”, delivered by Dr. Mikhail V. Pisarev – associate professor of I. M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University.

During the initial part of the lecture, students were introduced to the term - MEDICINE. “Medicine is not only a skill of reasoning, but also an art of communication” – said Dr. Mikhail V. Pisarev. By quoting the examples of Dr. William Osler – the father of modern medicine, students got acquainted with four characteristics essential for a physician, being: Art of detachment, Virtue of method, Thoroughness, and Grace of Humility. Essential elements of communication in medical encounters (Kalamazoo Consensus) were also discussed.

After that, various reference books of Internal Medicine were recommended. Among those are the well-known, Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, DeGowin’s Diagnostic examination and Kumar & Clark’s Clinical Medicine. Moreover, he encouraged students to obtain useful information from different online sources of medical journals, worth mentioning are, Medscape and The New England Journal of Medicine.

At latter part of the lecture, students were taught the efficient and correct ways to record Anamnesis morbi, Anamnesis vitae and Status praesens of a patient as these are among the vital responsibilities of a physician. Last but not least, Dr. Mikhail V. Pisarev expressed his gratitude in forming a scientific circle for International Faculty, in which it shall be a platform connecting both Russian students and International students to perform various scientific works and researches.

This lecture has proven to be beneficial to International students. Such lectures shall be organized again in the near future.

By Ooi Kar Key (3rd year), International Faculty

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