22 октября 2014


Mikhail Pisarev

On the 16th of October 2014, a medical conference was conducted by Dr. Mikhail Pisarev from 17:00 to 19:00 on the second floor of Rektorat. There was approximately 40 attendees at the conference ranging from second up to the sixth year’s students.

The conference was divided into 2 sessions, the first session was devoted to the 3 steps of diagnostic process in getting the final diagnosis of a patient. It was then followed by a case presentation featuring a 39 year old Caucasian male who came in with the chief complain of central chest pain. Dr. Mikhail Pisarev then directed the students on getting the diagnosis by a “ruling-out” method through different laboratory investigations results. On top of that, he also gave a short speech on the way to managing patients in such a situation.

In the second session of the conference Dr. Mikhail Pisarev talked about the key factors to remember while interviewing a patient, he called it “the 10 rules of doctor-detective.”

The medical conference ended at approximately 19:00 right after a short Q&A session between Dr. Mikhail Pisarev and the audience.

Conference on Internal Medicine

Kallmann Choong

4th year, International Students Faculty 

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