12 ноября 2013

ISSA 03On November 06, 2013 at the initiative of Prof. Oleg S. Glazachev, the Dean for International Students, the International Students Scientific Association (ISSA) held its constitutive meeting at the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University.

For more than 60-year history of training international students, for the first time they got a specially designed scientific platform for their research activities. With this astonishing platform, students are able to actively participate in various scientific works and researches together with the University Student Scientific Society. Furthermore, students will have the opportunities to participate in international conferences, scientific competitions and Olympiads in the near future.ISSA 05

“My vision for establishing this Association is to encourage international students with scientific potential and attitude to be involved in scientific researches and thus achieve great success in generating new ideas in medical sciences” – said Prof. Oleg S.Glazachev, who is also the curator of the ISSA for International Faculty. In his speech, he also mentioned that in the upcoming Olympiad in Normal Physiology with over 20 participating teams, for the first time ever, 2 teams would represent our University, one of them being formed by international students. This news was enthusiastically acclaimed by the audience and generated a round of applause for Prof. Glazachev.

ISSA 04In the later part of the meeting Yulia Kuznetsova, the curator of the University Student Scientific Society, was invited to present her speech. She was thrilled with the establishment of the society as this platform would serve as a “bridge” connecting international students with the University scientific life. They would be more significantly involved in events to come, such as “MedWAYS” on November 26 and 27. In “MedWAYS” this year, 14 scientific platforms will be available and a total of 28 positions will be catered to international students for oral and poster presentations. It will be an amazing chance for international students to reveal different kinds of scientific papers as well as reports.

The 1st constitutive meeting was a success as members got essential information about the Association and future events, and also motivated by honorable guests to indulge in scientific works.

For more information and latest updates of the society, please visit and like our ISSA page – www.facebook.com/3Ssociety

Ooi Kar Key (Malaysia), 3d year, Medical Faculty

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