5 ноября 2014
International students participated in Master Class : “Presentation of the patient on a clinical conference. Analysis of clinical case”

On October 30th, 2014 at the initiative of Professor Irina Yu. Markovina, a master class on “Presentation of the patient on a clinical conference. Analysis of clinical case” was held at the 1st MSMU. International students were invited to participate in the clinical meeting.

During the initial part of the clinical meeting, a special guest specializing in Urology was invited to present a talk. The talk received splendid feedback from the audiences as students were being introduced to the correct ways in presenting the case presentation of the patient according to American and Canadian styles. “It is good to let medical students to compare the clinical case presentations between the American/Canadian styles and European styles, hence acquiring new knowledge and information” – said Professor Irina Yu. Markovina. Then Professor invited the next speaker to take the stage for explaining the European style of case presentation. 2.jpg

Following that, a Gynecologist was invited to give the presentation. She shared a very interesting case with the students about a woman that was admitted to the hospital for tubectomy. In her case presentation, she mentioned about “Parity 3+1”, which was a new phrase among the students, meaning 3 pregnancies with 1 infant delivery, 2 abortions.

The 4th speaker was a student of 5th year specializing in Ophthalmology. She presented the Snellen chart together with the explanation about a young man having impaired visual acuity of one of the eyes. Some medical abbreviations were introduced to the students, for example, OD (oculus dexter), OS (oculus sinister) and OU (oculus uterque) which means both of the eyes.

At the latter part of clinical meeting, the students were divided into 4 working groups, each having a leader who would guide them in preparing the case presentation report in European style according to the real patients’ cases prepared beforehand. During the process, international students were communicating efficiently with Russian students, cooperating cohesively.

International students have performed splendidly during the meeting, giving ample support and cooperation. The master class has proven to be up most beneficial to both Russian students and international students. Such master class shall be organized again in the near future.

By Ooi Kar Key (4th year), International Students Faculty

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