19 января 2015
International students participated in Clinical Conference on Cardiology

On December 25th, 2014 at the initiative of Prof. Irina Yu. Markovina, a clinical conference on “Cardiology Today and Tomorrow. New Trends and Approaches. Evidence Based Medicine in Cardiology” was held at the 1st MSMU. Both Russian and international students were invited to present at this meeting.

The conference was opened by Kar Key, a 4th year medical student, who gave an interesting presentation about how to be a cardiologist.

Following that, the floor was given to a special guest, a cardiologist Dr. Anton Rodionov, MD, PhD, associate Professor of Internal Diseases Department, Sechenov FMSMU, Member of Russian Society of Cardiology (RSC), National Society of Atherosclerosis(NSA), European Society of Cardiology (ESC).

He spoke about the evolution of treatment in cardiology fr om the start of medical drug usage till the more modern treatment and new research of immunology via Evidence Based Medicine (EBM). We were asked on the importance of some medicines such as aspirin in the role of primary prophylaxis to cardiovascular diseases and were told that according to medical trials there was no record of aspirin in improving life quality of a patient. A question to ponder upon is whether it is really necessary to give such medicines to an otherwise healthy person, and wh ere is a balance between the benefits and side effects of aspirin usage. Associate Professor Anton Rodionov also introduced to us some new terms such as NNT (no. needed to treat) and NNH (no. needed to harm) used to evaluate a certain medical drug as a whole on its benefits and side effects.

Next, the present were exposed to an interesting topic about medical trials on Renal Sympathetic Denervation (RDA) by the usage of Radial Frequency Ablation (RFA), some insight of the new minimally invasive approach to replacing diseased aortic valve by Transcatheter Aortic Valvular Implantation (TAVI). An open Q&A session was held after the talk.

At the latter part of the meeting, our emcee Yulia Yermakova gave a small recap of our meetings so far during the 1st semester and gave some new proposals for our next meetings for the 2nd semester and wished us all a happy holiday and a Happy New Year. The conference ended with the participants indulging at the ‘snack bar” with great varieties of food and drink.

The clinical meeting has proven to be upmost beneficial to both Russian students and international students. Such master class shall be organized again in the near future.

By Aainaa Ali, (6th year), International Students Faculty 

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