28 октября 2013
Our University had successfully organized the event Miss First MSMU 2013, that was attended by many of the students from this university.

The event started by introducing all the 13 finalists for Miss First MSMU 2013. Each of them had to show their skills and creativity by performing in front of the judges. All the participants had shown their talent, mostly dancing and singing. Marks were collected by the judges to decide who would be crowned as the Miss First MSMU 2013.

Apart from performances from the participants, there were also performances by other students of our university. All of them did a great job in entertaining the audience.

Next was the question & answer (Q&A) session between each of the participant and the judges. This showed their communication skills between people. After all, all the judges decided Eliza Muradyan as the winner for the Miss First MSMU 2013. Congratulations!

By Fakhrul Izzat bin Ahmad (Malaysia, 4th course of Medical Faculty, group95)

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Фото 01.jpgA night of ‘Konkurs’ as they call it, our very own First MSMU beauty pageant was held on 23rd October at the Ostankino Korolyovskiy Hall. The hall was filled with excitement as students were cheering for their favorite participants and friends. The event began with a speech by the respectful boards of directors and honorable judges.

The introduction of the 13 beautiful contestants made the crowd go wild. Each contestant was given a task to create a short video clip about them to showcase their talent. Every clip had its own individuality, variety and substance which touched hearts of many. The contestants were not solely judged by their appearance, they were also judged according to several criteria like creativity, sportsmanship, intellect, toughness, open mindedness and many more. During the Question and Answer session one of the jury asked the contestant about “Importance of kindness in your future career” and the contestant answered quote “As we are future doctors we should have abundance of kindness and we must showcase our kindness, as how we wear our lab coats, everyday”. This was only one example out of many intelligent answers given by the contestants.

There were many outstanding performances by our very own Sechenovians and the drama club New Art. The winner – Eliza Muradyan was not only awarded with the crown and tittle but also given many lucrative prizes from various sponsors who attended this event. Our very own Esther Michael, Miss Malaysia Earth Finalist was called upon to crown one of the winners. Miss MSMU 2013 contest was truly a celebration, a night to be remembered.

This was a great experience and I would really encourage students from the English faculty to attend events organized by our university, go out and explore the true meaning of being a Sechenovian. We are really looking forward for us to work hand in hand with Russian students for many events to come.

By Sivasankar Pubalan & Nirosha Chendran (Malaysia, 5th course, Medical faculty)

Photo: Dinesh Parakash
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