22 декабря 2014
Dear dental students from all over the world!

I.M.Sechenov First Moscow State Medica University, Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Propedeutics of Dentistry announces the International Student Competition in Pre-clinical Dentistry THE FIRST STEPS IN DENTISTRY that will be held on March 27, 2015 in Moscow, Russia.


01. “The Da Vinci tooth”
You have to draw with different colors of pastel a tooth 3.6 with indication of its parts on an A4 sheet of paper. Form, proportions, anatomical features, and accuracy are taken into consideration during assessment.

02. “Hollywood smile”
All participants are divided into pairs of two, wash their hands thoroughly and put on dental gloves. Then each person places the OptraGate (Ivoclar Vivadent) on his partner.
Work time, correctness and accuracy shall be taken into consideration during assessment.

03. “Sir Black”
On a phantom dental unit you have to prepare one of the four incisors of the lower jaw according to Class 5 (V) caries on the vestibular wall (Black’s cavity classification). Tooth preparation has to be done with an angular mechanical handpiece (NUP-30 M, Kazan, KMIZ) and carbide burs (spherical, cylindrical, conical, inverted cone). The position of the doctor, accuracy of work with the patient, the choice of the necessary tools, correct preparation of the cavity (bevel and walls) are taken into account during assessment.

04. “Saltmine”
You have to remove calculus from one of the four lower incisors using excavator (size 3) and polishing brushes for mechanical angular handpiece (NUP-30 M, Kazan, KMIZ). Dentin powder will simulate a dentin plaque. The position of the doctor near the phantom, accuracy of the work, and smoothness of the tooth surface after treatment are taken into consideration during assessment.

05. “A lost tool”
Each participant gets a unique list of 10 of the following tools: dental mirror, tooth tweezers, surgical tweezers, carver, plugger, spatula, dental explorer (sickle probe), periodontal probe, straight probe, excavator, curette, scaler, k-file, h-file, k-reamer, spreader, lentulo, pulp extractor, etc.
A set of all of these instruments will be provided to the participant. The aim is to choose the correct instruments from the list.
The time to find the instruments and correctness of choice will be assessed.

06. “Chipollino”
All participants will be provided with endoblocks (prepared by the step-back technique, master file #25), gutta-percha points (assorted #15-#40), spreaders (assorted #15-#40), guttasiler (Omega), spatula, and a mixing pad. You have to obturate/fill the root canal using the lateral condensation technique.
Homogeneity of the filling material in the root canal, the output of the filling material through the apical hole, the density of the root canal obturation are taken into consideration during assessment.

07. “The fate balloon”
All participants will get A-silicone impression material (Silagum) packaged in two jars (base and catalyst) in equal quantities.
The purpose is to mix this material quickly and accurately and make a ball.
The ball homogeneity and form will be taken into consideration during assessment.

08. “Reverse side of a medal”
Everyone has to take an impression of teeth 1.4 and 1.5 using thermoplastic impression compound (Luxaform, DMG). The quality of the impression is taken into account during assessment.

09. “The rock art”.
You have to write the word “Olympiad” on the reverse side of an A4 sheet of paper with the help of an applicator (Regular, Dispodent), the caries indicator (Omega) and a dental mirror. You won’t have direct access to the working side.
The legibility of the inscription, the ability to read the inscription from left to right without a mirror upon direct access will be assessed.


To register for participation, send your requests to stomolympicgames@yandex.ru. Please be sure to provide the following information: full name, e-mail address, cell phone #, country, city, your university affiliation, faculty, year of study, photo.

Please pay attention: First-year students are not allowed to participate.

Contact information:
Address: Nakhimovsky prospect, 49, 
117418, Moscow, Russian Federation
E-mail: stomolympicgames@yandex.ru
Phone: +7 (909) 902-92-29 (coordinator Tamara Tavdy)


Organizing Committee
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