24 августа 2017
Improving international competitiveness of the educational programs

Under the framework of the Academic Excellence Project 5-100 Sechenov University is integrated into the world community.The University is interested in bringing educational programs in conformity with the best international standards and getting accreditation certificate of educational programs in independent foreign agencies. It allows the University not only to get foreign "certificates of quality", but also to determine what could be improved in programs.The expert group of the Accreditation Agency "Evalag" (Germany) visited Sechenov University in August, 2017. They assessed the University master’s program "Public Health".The accreditation procedure was carried out with attraction of the high-level foreign specialists and took about 6 months. The arrival of the delegation of experts was preceded by a preparatory stage, when University staff and Agency representatives worked closely on the primary documentation.They met with the Vice-rector for Academic Affairs Tatyana Litvinova, Head of the Center of Master's Programs Yulia Fedorova, University faculty & staff and master students on August 16-17, 2017. The Agency experts visited the unique University educational and practical bases, the Library and other University facilities.The expert group of Evalag Agency included Prof. Dr. Susanne Kümpers (Germany), Prof. Dr.Timo Ulrichs (Germany), Susanne Worrack (Germany), Adrian Stan (Romania).Under the framework of Academic Excellence Project 5-100 Sechenov University needs to develop educational programs on the basis of international standards, to integrate them into the system of international education.

The number of educational programs accredited by various international agencies should increase. International accreditation helps the University to improve its position in the international rankings and University brand recognition all over the world.
The University’s specialist degree program "General Medicine" received 5 accredited programs abroad. Sechenov University also got residency program "General Practice (Family Medicine)" and online- module "Urethral Stricture Disease" (the Institute for Regenerative Medicine).
By the end of 2017 it is planned to get international accreditation of 4 general and 1 additional training programs.Now the University works on the accreditation procedure of specialist program “Stomatology” (Medical Council of Sri-Lanka) and master program “Public Health” (Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation, Belgium).

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