5 апреля 2016
April 4, 2016. The Chinese delegation, led by the rector of Harbin Medical University Yang Baofeng, being on working visit to Moscow, opened the Gold MedSkill 2016 professional excellence contest at Sechenov First MSMU. 
The day of the Chinese officials started at opening ceremony with welcoming speech of RCAMU Co-Chairman Yang Baofeng addressed to the contestants suggesting that future physicians should always be self-confident and goal-seeking. 
Then Yang Baofeng and his entourage visited the FMSMU-based Federal Methodological Center for Accreditation (FMCA). The guests took a chance of reviewing the FMCA outfit functioning accompanied with expert comments. In situational task areas the Gold MedSkill parties presented and assessed the skills to be fairly appreciated. 
Back in March 2016, the Russian Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova was positively stunned with the FMCA superreality declaring the Center a benchmark for all domestic medical schools considering the establishment of institutions of such a kind. The Chinese colleagues expressed lively interest in acquiring the methodological expertise accumulated by First MSMU while creating, equipping and practical operation of FMCA. 
The next stage of this extraordinary eventful day was the joint visit to the Research Institute of Uronephrology (RIU) under First MSMU with its renowned operating unit in particular. Our Chinese “brothers in arms” were impressed the most with combining within a single venue a comprehensive clinical hospital practicing public healthcare and an educational establishment offering the future doctors great opportunities to gain experience in high-tech operations using fairly cutting-edge equipment operated by clinical vets. The RIU doctors yearly output in 2015 made up over 4,200 surgical procedures. The students are admitted to observe the course of operations in online mode, registering the surgeon’s comments. 
“Sechenov First Medical University history is long and generously marked with glorious milestones. The major current advantage of First Med is its solid methodological fundament reinforcing the sustainability of medical tradition. The original system of scientific education differs much from those conventional for Europe, America or China. At RCAMU each of its parties adopts the best of the partners'. Thus, the overall performance of all Association members definitely grows”, noted Mr. Yang Baofeng.
“The most promising areas of joint research activities for our two universities, the First Med and Harbin Med, are cancer treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, while keeping in mind those inevitable pharmacology issues”, he crowned.
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