23 марта 2016
The Sechenov First MSMU Roadmap was highly appreciated by the experts of the Council on Competitiveness Enhancement of Leading Russian Universities among Global Research and Education Centers at the session held on March 18-19 in Moscow.
The Council pays particular attention to the analysis of the performance achieved by the universities participating in Project 5-100, especially to systematic pursuing well-structured priorities in terms of scientific and educational activities and management system ensuring sustainable positions in the global academic hierarchy.
Sechenov First MSMU participating in the competitiveness enhancement program since October 2015 was awarded with the recommendation of the councillors to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation that realization of the presented Roadmap for 2016 is worth granting no less than 500 million rubles. Steady implementation of the current initiatives ensures not just training upgrade, but also transforms Sechenov First MSMU into distinguished international provider of high quality educational services, which graduates are in requisition at the labor market by leading domestic and multinational employers.
The Sechenov First MSMU rector, Peter Glybochko notes: “Smooth defense of our university’s Project 5-100 yearly Roadmap is a remarkable milestone. We are the only medical school in this program. Therefore, conceiving and structuring our scientific and educational agenda we were unable to rely just on the experience of colleagues. It makes us even happier that our Roadmap won such a high expert appraisal. Now, Sechenov First MSMU feels quite self-asserted in the run-up to new qualitative leap in terms of our scientific capacity. And it happens along with the update of our managerial, financial, and HR standards. I believe that our team basing on our corporate heritage is capable of solving the most complex and challenging problems!” 

Brief reference. The program of competitiveness enhancement of leading Russian universities among global research and education centers (Project 5-100) was launched following of the Presidential Decree in 2012 as a driver of research capacity extension of the selected domestic universities to strengthen their competitive positions at the global market of educational services and research initiatives. The Decree issues the challenge of featuring at least five Russian universities in the Top 100 of the global educational rankings by 2020.
The associated task of the Project is emerging of contemporary domestic universities with hi-perf governance structure and faultless international academic reputation meeting the key challenges and sensitive to the trends on the global scale.
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