6 апреля 2016
Sechenov First MSMU have just summarized the Gold Medskill contest under WorldSkills Russia*, which was a perfect hit on April 4. This event is held annually, so the students and tutors of medical schools, as well as the medical community to wide extent are becoming naturally impatient while waiting for the occasion.
The MedSkills Olympics is the trendsetting event for future physicians in terms of hands-on competences helping also to identify the practical skills to be focused on within the course of university training.
This year is the first time, when Gold Medskill has been held much alike the real regular accreditation of certified health professionals. Situational decision-making and assessment of skills and capabilities henceforth will be regulated under objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) procedures. Swift and stringent format (this year schedule took just one day) turned out to be quite smart and captivating.
The competences of participants were tried within the walls of Continuous Vocational Training Center under FMSMU, at specially equipped stations for situational tasks requiring application of practical skills and prompt decision-making. The stations, used also for real OSCE, represent the general hospital and clinic environment – operating rooms, wards, record dept and other medical services. The patients are robotic simulators. Every minute of the Olympic day is busy. The all-Russian Gold Medskill Olympiad encompasses verification of medical skills and role play simulation in real clinical situations (this year the contestants’ mission was to assist the victim with electrical injury).
When evaluating the professional competences of physicians to come, the teamwork and communicative skills are taken into special consideration, whilst the student teams are also asked to perform online presentations.
Olympics are not only the competition: the lecture by Academician Sergei Ternovsky “Radiation diagnostics techniques in cardiology” was really exciting and motivating towards mastering the subj. The master class “Medical transportation of the victim with severe trauma” by Federal Biomedical Agency (FMBA), and “Communication skills within doctor-patient interactions” were also “sold out”.
“After the Gold Medskill life will never be the same”, joke some of the wittiest medical students. Indeed, the enormous “skill-flow”, including the tricks applied in emergency situation simulations, structure expertise and tempers the professional ways.
This year Golden Medskill featured 48 teams, consisting of 240 students of 4-6 courses from Russian and Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and China. The Olympiad has already become not just all-Russian, but fairly international event. As a matter of fact, the MedSkill is meant to be the global showcase of medical professionalism.
Gold Medskill
Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University
Silver Medskill
Akhunbaev Kyrgyz State Medical Academy
Saint Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University
Bronze Medskill
Harbin Medical University
Crimean Federal University
Vernadsky Izhevsk State Medical Academy
Steel Medskill
FMBA of Russia award "For the will to win"
Bashkir State Medical University

*WorldSkills Russia – the national branch of international WorldSkills movement patronizing the nation-wide championships of labour and engineering professionals. In 2019 Kazan will host the WorldSkills global championship under worldwide non-profit organization WorldSkills International (WSI), founded in 1953 to establish professional standards and promote the image of skilled specialist. Russia joined the movement in 2012. Sechenov First MSMU has hosted the Gold MedSkill since 2013. 
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