15 марта 2016
The two-day workshop on interpersonal communication psychology "Communication in the professional and personal environment" was presented by international experts at Sechenov First MSMU on March 9-10. It was traditionally organized by the Medical Psychology and Pedagogics Chair and supervised by Prof. Nadezhda Tvorogova.
The event was leaded by Clare Hill procedure-oriented psychotherapist from Scotland, the former head Mental Health Department in the National Health Service Lothian, who also worked as therapist, counselor, supervisor, coach, mediator (conciliator); and Xenia Kuleshova MD, Senior Lecturer at First MGMU, psychologist, psychotherapist.
The agenda was much topical – the newborn national system of communicative skills improvement for healthcare professionals in line with high-touch philosophy and post-graduate training of physicians for to effective teamwork with agents of different professions, specialties and specializations involved in the individual and public healthcare practices.
In this regard, it is useful to study not only the domestic centuries-long heritage, but also the international experience of communication skills formation for healthcare professionals.
The students of the Clinical Psychology and Medicine of the Future specialties were the basic audience of the workshop. The participants were literally captivated with the chance to discuss theoretical approaches to communicative competences mastering in conflict simulation sessions. They were also given an opportunity to acquire some specific communication skills that bring greater understanding, clarity in interpersonal relationships, to find the solutions of their own relevant for particular conflict relationships.
Prof. N. Tvorogova, Head of Clinical Psychology Department of Pedagogics and Medical Psychology Chair at First MSMU
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