30 октября 2013


День1_02.jpgOn the 25th of October 2013, at the Blue Hall of the I.M. Sechenov 1st MSMU, the Dean’s office for international students (DIS) in cooperation with Sechenov Malaysian Student Association (SMSA) organized the first-year students Orientation Day 2013. It is an annual event aiming to provide the freshmen with basic and important information on how the lifestyle of a medical students in Moscow should be, to create an independent, dynamic, well disciplined, all rounded medical student who also performs well academically.

This year in this event we were accompanied by the Namibian Student Union and other Malaysian student organizations in Moscow such as Malaysian Fellowship, AZAM Russia, Kelab UMNO Moscow (KUMOSC) and Persatuan Perubatan Islam(PPIM) Moscow. Around 120 Malaysian and 30 Namibian students, all of English medium attended the orientation session. День1_00.jpg

The session was also attended by the Dean for International Students, Professor Dr. Oleg Glazachev, Vice Dean for extra-curricular activities Mr. Peter Ivanov and curator for Dentistry and Pharmacy Madam Gulsina Malyukova.

The students were given inspiring speeches by Professor Dr. Oleg Glazachev, the president of SMSA Miss Ng Valynne and the representative of Namibian Student Union, Madam Frieda Faith Matty. The session was continued with speeches from representative День1_05.jpgof each SMSA bureaus: Welfare, Academic and Sports. There was also time for all the presidents of the other associations to share about their movements and activities that they had conducted as their way to engage with the students.

We believe this event was fruitful in implementing applicable information and positive qualities in every 1st year students as a fresh start of their 6 years of medical school in I.M. Sechenov 1st Moscow State Medical University.



On the 27th of October 2013, Sechenov Malaysian Students Associations (SMSA) organized the 2nd day of the orientation for the first-year students. It was done based on an outdoor concept activity namely the MOSCOW ‘AMAZING RACE’. There M.O.C.K.B.A_03.jpgwere about 90 Malaysian first-year students and total of 43 volunteers (including Malaysian students from 2nd to 6th course) participated in the event. The students were divided into 10 groups and each group were accompanied by 1 or 2 senior students who were responsible to assist and guard the freshmen and make sure they performed the task well and according to the rules besides ensuring the safety of the students under their care. 

All 10 groups departed from the Starting Point (Dean’s Office compound) at 11 am. They had to travel to 3 different locations namely Children Park, Red Square and Kropotkinskaya Metro station based on the clue given to them. At each check point, each team were required to complete the tasks given by the check point master before they were given the M.O.C.K.B.A_05.jpgnext clue to the next checkpoint in an envelope. There were 3 different routes for the race but each of it ended up at the Ending Point which was at the University’s M.O.C.K.B.A_04.jpgBurevestnik Stadium.

All team arrived at the Stadium at approximately 2 pm. As all the teams arrived, they had to face the Dodge ball Challenge to earn extra marks for their teams. The race was made interesting as each of the team members were assigned to bring an egg (symbolised as a responsibility to them) to be taken care off. Some eggs were broken due to negligence of a student.

Before the prize giving ceremony, the committee members of SMSA decided to have a ‘revenge dodge ball round’ for the students to have some fun against the committee too. The main aim is to increase the bond between the junior students and the senior students, and to not let anyone return home with grudges.

At the end of the day, all the teams were judged according to the points that they had collected along the race. President of SMSA, Ng Valynne was given the honour to award the hampers to the winners. END POINT_6.jpg

1st place : GROUP Ng Vannynee.png9

2nd place : GROUP 7

3rd place : GROUP 6

We believe that through such activities a good bond can be created among the students. Besides that a positive and harmonious community were developed. To the first-year students – ALL THE BEST, and to all the sincere volunteers – THANK YOU for making the day a success.

Esther Michael.pngReport prepared by: Esther Michael, 4th Year,

Head of Cultural, Social & Event Management Bureau

Sechenov Malaysian Student Association

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