5 августа 2016
01.gifAt present, the shortlist for the contest of projects on scientific and educational laboratories is being considered by the expert commission.
This open competition of research projects is being held within the national academic excellence Project 5-100.
The tender is aimed at:
• Formation, support and development of research priorities;
• Support for new research teams involving leading foreign specialists capable of world-class scientific output;
• Involvement of international laboratories for young scientists and students of Sechenov First MSMU to get experience of international research initiatives and acquire advanced academic culture at the initial stages of their research careers;
• Implementation of the latest research output in the educational programs of the University.

The list of bids submitted for the open competition aimed at establishing research and educational laboratories




Project summary


Anna V. Baranova

Associate Professor of the System Biology School (George Mason University, GMU, USA).

Medical biology

Development and implementation of personalized medical technologies to the general clinical practice


Stephen F. Badilak

Professor of the Department of Surgery and Bioengineering, deputy director (McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, USA)

Regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, biological matrices

Development of personalized tissue engineering artificial systems by designs renewing functional activity of reproducible tissue using predictive mathematical models, as well as a comprehensive monitoring system of the transplant status in vitro and in vivo using biosensor test systems


Zaza Khuchu

Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics (Medical Center of Cincinnati Children's Hospital, USA)

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Functional solutions for mitochondrial dysfunction and detection of metabolic and signaling systems to be pharmacologically compensated in mitochondrial heart failure cases.


Eugenia A. Kogan

Head of the Department of Pathological Anatomy (Sechenov First MSMU, Russian Federation)

Molecular Medicine (molecular pathology)

Implementation of innovations in reproductive health and on prevention in obstetric and gynecological cases addressing the issues of diagnosis, treatment, prevention and prediction in the obstetrics


Zaza Kacharava

Professor, Head of the Department of Neurology (Evangelical Hospital in Unna, University of Duisburg, Essen, Germany)


Development and implementation of diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment methods for chronic non-cancer pain syndromes.


Klaus-Peter Lesch

Full professor, Division of Molecular Psychiatry (Clinical Research Unit on Disorders of Neurodevelopment and Cognition Laboratory of Translational Neuroscience Centre of Mental Health, University of Wuerzburg, Germany)


Identification of convergent mechanisms as probable targets for new therapies and preventive intervention strategies for neuropsychiatric syndromes cases (precision medicine)


Ingo Fitze

Director of the Interdisciplinary Center of Sleep Medicine (Charité Medical University, Berlin, Germany)


The studies on regulation and variability of chronobiological sleep-wake cycle for human regular health and in nervous cases


Ana Lucia Smith

Professor, Department of Philosophy (Wake Forest University, USA)

Bioethics; History and philosophy of medicine

Wide range of studies on ethical issues of bio-science and medicine


Valerian E. Kagan, Director of the Free Radical and Antioxidant Basics of Health, Professor of Chemistry, Pharmacology and Chemical Biology, Radiation Oncology (Pittsburgh University, USA)

Biology and Medicine

Molecular studies of cell pathology mechanisms, including the role of the cellular lipids and proteins oxidative modification at development and during the treatment of major socially significant human diseases to design the brand new methods of diagnosis of human diseases, to assess the severity of disease and to monitor of the treatment by the means of nanotechnology.

TYI: by 20 August 2016, the shortlist of bids for scientific and educational laboratories to be considered at a meeting of the International Expert Council on 12 September 2016 will be completed.
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