18 мая 2016
Delegation of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament has just visited Sechenov First MSMU. Beside the negotiations with the University’s top management our Czech guests, representing the parliamentary Health Committee, had a guided tour over FMSMU in-house hospitals.
May 17, 2016. Primarily, the Czech parliamentarians headed by the chairman of the Health Committee of the Czech Parliament Rostislav Vazula met with the First Vice-Rector for Innovation and International Cooperation Andrei Svistunov and visited the Fronstein Urology Clinic robot assisted operation theater opened at the University in 2015. The Robotic Center is equipped with the cutting-edge dual console Da Vinci surgical robot. Beside the direct and quite accessible desease-specific care offered to domestic patients throughout Russia, the Center conducts extensive research activities distinguished internationally. 
Upon a brief intro, Andrei Svistunov noted that First MSMU is the leading Russian medical institution not just educational with the total of more than 15,000 students, but clinical and research hub as well. More than two thousands of students are foreigners, who made conscious choice in favor of the First MSMU, a university with glorious traditions, a bunch of best practices reinforced and retrofitted with brand new and, as a rule, innovative equipment.
Starting from October 2015, the University has been a Project 5-100 participant striving for global academic excellence by becoming an entry to the TOP-100 university rankings. One of the goals to be accomplished while pursuing the projects general objectives is to transform the First MSMU into world-class research university. In September 2016, the International Institute of Personalized Medicine is opening to operate as a kind of international university networking establishment consorted with leading universities in the US, China and South Korea. Another vector of First MSMU innovation initiatives is the mobile healthcare system concept, which is being developed in close cooperation with leading universities of South Korea.
Online technologies, including cloud computation, are considered as the most significant and important for the Russian healthcare system. In addition to this large-scale project, which is scheduled for 2016, the FMSMU-based National Health Bank is to be established. All these global challenges, the University faces now, are coordinated within modernization of national healthcare system, including introduction of a wide range of hi-tech medical care features along with robotic surgery.
The Czech MPs who were on visit to Sechenov First MSMU are politics ab init, but they are also doctors: oncologists, paediatricians, laboratory diagnosticians, that’s why the session promptly turned into an exchange of views and fairly professional discussion topical for both countries: training future doctors, vocational guidance, sponsoring the young professionals…
Following the meeting, the guests from the Czech Republic have expressed eagerness to exchange experiences on a regular basis to backup our mutually beneficial cooperation.
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