13 октября 2017

img_5285.jpgSechenov University held an international conference on Personalized Oncology on October 12, 2017. One of the Conference Organizers was the Worldwide Innovative Networking (WIN) Consortium in personalized cancer medicine.
Participation in the Conference was a unique opportunity to find out more about the world trends in personalized oncology. Rector of the Sechenov University Prof. Petr Glybochko emphasized the importance of the University's participation in the WIN Consortium, because disscusion of the oncology current issues together with the world community strongly affects the development of oncology practice in Russia. 
Chief Scientific and Operating Officer of the WIN Consortium Vladimir Lazar noted the contribution of Sechenov University in collaborative research. The Conference was also attended by the Chairman of the WIN Consortium Prof. John Mendelsohn and several scientists such as Roger Kamm, PhD (MIT, USA), Swawn Murphy, MD, PhD (Harvard Medical School, USA) and some others.
WIN Consortium has integrated more than 40 institutes for research in onclology. It's planned to attract pharmsceutical companies as well. One of the main tasks for the organiztion is the early detection of cancer. New technology of using blood biomarkers will allow to diagnose the cancer cells, to localize and to remove them.   
The WIN Consortium also plans to develop technology that helps with life extension of patients who discover cancer disease too late. Sechenov University is regarded among the pioneers in expansion of the new technologies in Russia.

In accordance with the decision of the Academic Council, Prof. John Mendelsohn was awarded the title of Professor Emeritus of Sechenov University for significant contribution in cancer medicine.

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