11 марта 2016
March 9. The matter of new initial accreditation system was in the spotlight of the rectors community and industry experts. Sechenov First MSMU held the enlarged meeting of the Council of Rectors of medical and pharmaceutical universities featuring the RF Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova.
The programme of Minister and the Ministry department heads started with a tour around the Federal Methodological Center for accreditation, established under First MSMU. One of the main objectives of the Center is suprvision of assessment tools used in accreditation of professionals, as well as the development of educational programs and training of accreditation commission experts. However, the technical capabilities of the Federal Center are becoming visible the best way during the accreditation session itself. 
The area of 1000 sqmeters makes avaiable simultaneous testing of 250 professionals, situational problems solving and assessment of practical skills in terms of objective structured clinical examination (OSCE). The examination kit involves three levels of complexity –the easiest tasks requiring less professional competence, basic competences, and the most advanced tasks feasible only for those who competent to the utmost. 
The examination is conducted on nine simulation stations, equipped with modern phantom equipment. The procedure for the accreditation of experts is fully automated and video and audio controlled. All the tests are strictly individual, anonymous, time-critical, selected and assessed by proprietary software application, which eliminate any cheating or illicit assistance. 
Summing up the inspection of the Federal Methodological Center for Accreditation at the Council of Rectors session Veronika Skvortsova noted that "First MSMU established the accreditation institution, which is if not ideal, then close to master model to strive for". However, the minister believes that accreditation shall become the medical counterpart Unified State Exam, and graduates should be ready for it not only theoretically and practically, but also psychologically. Such a challenge presupposes not only technical equipment of similar centers in all universities, but also requires a set of trial testing to be conducted before summer.
In the keynote address to the Rectors Council "The procedure of primary specialist accreditation" its chairman, First MSMU Rector, Peter Glybochko proclaimed: "Today, all high schools are given a fair show by the Russian Ministry of Health. We perceive that the upcoming transition to accreditation system in many respects is a counterpoint for the entire industry. This challenge is serious, ambitious, however I'm sure we'll cope with the problem. After all, our common goal is to deliver high quality patient care", concluded the FMSMU Rector.
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