14 августа 2017
Cooperation with the University of Verona: scientific developments in biomedical sciences

The director of the Institute of Pharmacy and Translational Medicine Prof. Vadim Tarasov and the deputy head of the Educational Department Assoc. Prof. Sergey Zavadsky visited the University of Verona (Italy) on July 24-27, 2017.
During the meetings with the Italian colleagues Prof. Tarasov and Prof. Zavadsky got familiar with the latest scientific developments in genetics, molecular biology, genomics and personalized medicine.
Prof. Tarasov presented the newly established Institute of Pharmacy and Translational Medicine and its development perspectives.
Much attention was also given to the development of joint master's and PhD diplomas.
Representatives of both educational institutions discussed the framework agreement on Inter-University cooperation, which is planned to be signed after approval by the Academic Council of the University of Verona in September, 2017.
The parties began work on the drafting of the detailed agreements on Inter-University academic exchange and the preparation of the program of joint diplomas.
In the framework of joint scientific work the University of Verona is ready to organize the annual exchange internship for postgraduate students and university staff.
The exchange internships have been already started.
Ms. Anna Bertaso (University of Verona) did an internship in the Laboratory of Pharmacokinetics and Metabolomic Analysis of the Sechenov University in March, 2017. Ms. Ksenia Shestakova (Laboratory of Pharmacokinetics and Metabolomic Analysis of the Sechenov University) will start doing internship at the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology (University of Verona) at the end of August, 2017.

In the field of medicine the University of Verona is the 1st among the Italian universities. It trains 22,000 students. The University offers English language programs in the field of Molecular and Medical Biotechnology, Economics, International Business, Management, Linguistics, and Mathematics.
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