26 декабря 2016
Cooperation with South Korea The most talented First MSMU students & physicians are invited to complete the internship programs in South Korea

First MSMU is establishing mutually beneficial contacts with the leading international research and educational centers. Today the University has signed more than 60 agreements on partnership and cooperation.

The Korean delegation led by the SAM Hospital visited the First MSMU in August, 2016. As a result, the First MSMU and the International Hospital signed a framework agreement on cooperation in medical staff training.

The Dean for International Students, Prof. O. Glazachev, visited the College of Medicine (Seoul National University), as well as an international SEM-clinic Medical Foundation “Hesam” on 11-16 December, 2016.
During the meeting with Prof. Kyung-Sang Yu (the College Deputy Dean for International Exchange) and  Prof. John Sung Kim, the Vice-Dean for the Educational Activities) the both sides discussed some issues of signing a Memorandum on Cooperation, the organization of an academic mobility under the practice programs, development of the educational programs at the partner universities, carrying out a joint scientific research on the cancer screening and the risk factors for chronic non-communicable diseases.
After the introduction of an integrative approach to the treatment and rehabilitation on the basis of the innovative high technologies and the oriental medical practices, there was a meeting with Dr. Da-Hae Lee and Prof. Pak Song.
The Korean colleagues confirmed the interest in development a multilateral cooperation and invited the most talented physicians and students to complete the internship programs in 2017.

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