16 сентября 2015

image-13-09-15-07-27-18w.jpegThe united and strong-willed team of the Dean’s Office for international students showed very good results and won the second place in sports competitions between teams of faculties and other academic units of our University in uncompromising struggle and persistent confrontation with strong contenders.

Our medal winner team was headed by charming Dinara Mirzagalimova. It was she who had got the cup for the 2nd place from the hands of N.V. Voronova, the head of the Department of Physical Education of the University.image-13-09-15-07-27-20w.jpeg

Our girls - Dinara Mirzagalimova and Katya Nikolaeva - deserve special mention, as they performed brilliantly not only in the swing press, hundred-meter and relay races, but even in a tug-of-war competition!

Looking at the girls, our guys just could not spread. Only through efforts of Farid Beloglanov, Rustamli Kerim, Samir Khayat and Imameddin Shabanov and our sports beauties - Dinara and Katie, the deanery team could achieve such a good result. Our sincere congratulations to the winners and wishes them further success in sports, studies and all other matters!


Ivan Kalashnikov, Vice-Dean

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