14 июля 2016
June 29, July 1, 2016. These two days of uproaring solemn graduation events for foreign students of the University will be never forgotten. In 2016, Sechenov First MSMU graduated 229 international students from 27 countries. These are the young doctors and pharmacists from Azerbaijan (25), Armenia (2), Belarus (3), Vietnam (4), Ghana (3), Malaysia (125), Kazakhstan (3), China (7), Morocco (9), Syria (10) and other countries.
The international class’2016 is one of the biggest over the last ten years: the specialty "Medicine" – 191, "Dentistry" – 9, "Pharmacy" – 22.
For the first time, 7 foreigners have completed training in postgraduate and undergraduate programs.
Of the 229 foreign graduates, 13 specialists received a degree with distinction, two got a “Medal of Excellence”: Wii Shea Anne and Sharondzhit Kaur Dhillon (Malaysia).
Two Russian-speaking graduates got the honors degree: Irina Nikitina (Republic of Belarus) and Shoista Fatkulloeva (Tajikistan), who successfully combines excellent training with execution of much important social problem – overcoming the demographic gap. While passing the course Shoista gave birth to three children. A graduate of Malaysia (specialty "General Medicine") Joyce Cheong Zhou Li also gave birth to two children having been a student. We have good reasons to believe that in the future the children of our graduates will come to study at Sechenovsky University!
Many foreign graduates successfully combine excellent training with extensive collegiate activities, professional development and productive scientific work.
The graduates’2016 of the Dean’s Office for International Students, were much eager in social activities of student associations: AMOR (Azerbaijani Youth Organization of Russia), Association of Malaysian Students, National Union of Ghana Students etc. By the way, the Association of Malaysian Students is headed by the graduate of the Faculty of Medicine Umar Bin Mat Yaakob.
Our graduates partook in many scientific competitions, conferences and contests; Malaysian students delivered presentations at youth conference in the Netherlands, Austria, Armenia.
The Dean’s Office for International Students alumni are becoming more and more prominent in representing their Fatherland countries at traditional spring festival of creativity "Spring at Pirogovka", in particular, Orhan Abushov’s (Azerbaijan) dancing this spring positively stunned the audience.
Victoria Koroleva (Ukraine) in 2013 became a Vice-Miss of First MSMU and won the nomination "Miss Fashion Doctor". She partook in every event she could flash in: concerts, festivals, contests, charity events, apropos, she won "Heart to Heart", "University’s Pride" and others. Victoria has founded the «Vitae Saltatio» creative team, which is now well-known after winning in 2014 the Grand Prix at the "Spring at Pirogovka".
Foreign graduates keen in sports repeatedly and successfully participated in various collegiate sporting events.
On May 29, 2016 the University for the first time organized the in-house sports competition between national teams from 7 countries – "Games of Nations". Let's hope that this event would become a new good tradition similar to the graduation ceremony in cloaks and mortarboards. This is another cherry on the cake of the final celebrations for international students of our University.
Graduation party is one of the most exciting and memorable occurrences of our lives signifying the moment of the childhood’s end. …Absolute end, let’s face it.
Is it the academic cloak that would be the only reminder of the days, when the grass was greener?

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