25 сентября 2017
Cancer therapy: the Future begins Today

Sechenov University has created an innovative Center for Personalized Oncology OncoTarget (as a part of the Institute for Personalized Medicine). Dr. Marina Sekacheva, the head of the Center for Personalized Oncology, told about the tasks of the center, the importance of early diagnosis of colorectal cancer, and the reasons why the future begins in medical science today. Under the condition of early diagnosis, overcoming colorectal cancer is possible in 95% of cases.
 Unfortunately, the insidiousness of cancer diseases is that they proceed asymptomatically, appear at a late stage, when treatment is extremely difficult: the tumor significantly increases in size, grows into other organs, or metastases. But we must always remember that modern science and medical practice are developing. Today innovative targeted therapy has been added to such well-known methods for cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, hormonal and immune therapy. Now the drug acts on cancer cells with minimal side effect on the health of the patient. New systems of early diagnostics are being developed.  We hope that the Center for Personalized Oncology OncoTarget  will contribute to the formation and implementation of such programs.

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